10 Best Space Heaters in the USA (2022)

Have you ever wanted to eradicate coldness from your room in the mid of winter? If yes, then space heaters are the best option for you to get the job done. Especially during winters, people fall sick more often and that’s the reason why many people want to keep their house warm during that period of time. While choosing the best space heaters on Amazon for your house, many consumers may find it difficult to get the best deal. But no worries, in this article we are going to select the top picks of the “10 best space heaters in the USA” to make sure you get the best of the best.

During harsh and blood-freezing winters, the best consolidation one can get is through the warmth of space heaters. Space heaters help a lot in keeping your room as well as the whole house warm even during extremely cold conditions. Space heaters are no less than an ally that makes our life much easier and comfortable for challenging the coldest breezes. Generally, elderly people, small children, and those who are not very well tend to be more prone to coldness and the adverse effects of winters. So, for the sake of your family, it is quite necessary to have the best space heaters available in the market.

Before selecting the best space heaters for your house, you must be aware of the type and how it functions with all its features to govern properly if it is up to your desired level or not for the best consumer experience. Space heaters are a kind of device that is used to heat a small area or a large one depending on its capabilities. These devices simply get powered by electricity, fuels like CNG, oils, or even woods.


There are many types of space heaters available in the market starting from the lowest price range to the highest one differing in their qualities and features. Nowadays, energy-efficient space heaters are quite common because it is like a long-term investment which saves electric bills up-to some extent. Other types of best space heaters on Amazon may include- natural gas space heaters, best heaters for garage, best large room space heaters, wall mount space heaters, oil-filled space heaters, best outdoor space heaters, and others. All of these best space heaters for sale have their own uniqueness to the purpose of keeping their surroundings warm and comfortable.

In this article, we are going to have the best explanation about the quality, features, branding, and other aspects related to the best space heaters to help you out in understanding your desired product better in every way possible and to have all the necessary knowledge regarding the functionality and ease of efficiency to know what’s best for you accordingly to your needs.

By keeping all these points in our mind, let’s have a close look at the top 10 best space heaters in the USA to select a better alternative than others: –

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt.

-One of the best space heaters on Amazon, one of the best energy efficient space heaters.

4.5 out of 5, 6908+ reviews

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the best energy efficient space heaters
Credit: drheaterusa

Dr. Infrared heaters are well known certified heaters by underwriter laboratories in both the USA and Canada and have one of the best safety standards that perfectly suits anyone who is having kids at home. This model of the best space heaters on Amazon distributes heat uniformly and makes your room a comfortable place by adjusting the temperature. Its features are: –

  • Dimensions are 14×12.5×17 inches with a weight of 24 pounds and are easily portable from one place to another which makes it even better for those who always need to change places.
  • It has remote sensing technology that enables the users to control the temperature, switch it on or off, can even program heater settings from a distance.
  • Automatically shutting off after 12 hours feature is appreciable when it comes to the safety and convenience of the consumers.
  • Advanced and efficient dual heating system for greater heat production at low power cost that makes it one of the best energy-efficient space heaters.
  • Only a few heaters have the capability of high pressure at low noise blower and this is one of those silent heaters that work perfectly and peacefully.


  • 3-years of warranty guarantees its authentic performance and great functionality to provide maximum comfort with the fastest heating.
  • Noise-free experience for the consumers, easy to clean, and greater safety.
  • Highly energy efficient space heaters that deliver 60% more heat than other 1500-watt heaters.


  • If not handled properly, the outlet and plug may get melted out.
  • After sometime of use, the auto settings need to be changed.

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wi-Fi Wall Mounted

-One of the best wall mount space heaters, 10 Best Space Heaters in the USA

4.4 out of 5, 1201+ reviews

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10 Best Space heaters in the USA

One of the best-infrared heaters that brings a better experience to the consumers with it’s designing and high-tech technology. This brand model has been trusted by millions of consumers all around the world for its innovative heating functionality and ease of creating consumers’ satisfaction regarding their product. Here are its innovative features: –

  • It has smart Wi-Fi enabled features that allow its users to control its temperature from your phone
  • Designing this space heater has been done in such a way that it can be used as a portable as well as a wall-mountable heater.
  • The dimensions of this model are 22×15.5×7.2 inches with a weight of 9 pounds with one year of manufacturer’s warranty to ensure its durability.
  • ETL safety certified to CSA standards that creates a sense of relief for consumers.
  • Quite safe to touch and uses 1500 watts of power.


  • Wall mount design that saves a lot of space on floor.
  • Very light weighted product with remote control features for the best consumer experience.
  • Energy efficient as there is less power consumption for more output.


  • Don’t have a timer function for auto-start or auto-shutoff at certain times.
  • This Wi-Fi model doesn’t come with feet that need to bought from elsewhere.

Portable Electric Space Heater- 1500W Fast Heating with Thermostat, Small Ceramic Heater/ Fan Mode, Tip-over & Overheat Protection, Personal & Quiet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use (Black).

-One of the best space heaters for sale, one of the best space heaters on Amazon.

4.8 out of 5, 3775+ reviews

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the best space heaters for sale

This model of electric space heater has really fantastic features that offer quick heat for keeping your surroundings warm. It is one of the latest versions and has the highest ratings on Amazon. Let’s have a look at its finest features: –

  • Dimensions are 10.63×6.06×5.98 inches with a weight of 3.08 pounds that makes it perfect for small rooms and can be fitted in offices too.
  • It has automatic overheat protection that auto shutoffs the machine when it is overheating. This feature is quite appreciable for safe and efficient use.
  • Having 3-heat modes of 1500W highest heat, 750W Low heat, and natural wind mode as the third option for efficient heating along every corner with the help of a thermostat.
  • Produces a very less amount of noise, about 45 dB that helps in providing the consumers with a quiet and peaceful experience.
  • ETL certified for CSA and US standards that make it a reliable brand and also have a quick heating feature that warms the surrounding areas in a few minutes.


  • One of the best and highest rated space heaters available on Amazon.
  • This model of space heater is extremely light weighted.
  • Its compact size and style of designing are perfect for almost every kind of room.
  • A highly economical price makes it affordable by almost everyone.


  • There may be some problems in assembling the inlet and outlet.

Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT

-One of the best natural gas space heaters, the best wall mount space heaters, 10 Best Space Heaters in the USA

4.5 out of 5, 825+ reviews

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the best natural gas space heaters
CREDIT: MrHeater

This model is best suited for applications with no electricity and is one of the best natural gas space heaters that can be even mounted to the wall or kept on the floor with the supplied feet. This can be the best alternative for those who don’t want to add up their electric bill in an environmentally friendly manner. The features are: –

  • Can generate 30,000 BTU to heat spaces having a total area of 1000 square feet which is great for natural gas space heaters.
  • For even distribution of convection heat, a blue flame burner is provided with a maximum elevation of 4500 Ft.
  • Dimensions are 23.75×11.25×27 inches with a weight of 26.8 pounds with really good reviews and high ratings.
  • The fuel consumption rate or simply called the burn rate (gal/hour) is 0.030 MCF.
  • The thermostat, legs, and all wall mounting hardware are included in this item.
  • Has amazing features of automatic low oxygen shut-off system or ODS and CSA certified for the sake of safety standards.


  • Has excellent heating performance and very easy to use.
  • Easy to install and quite comfortable for the user.
  • Highly recommend natural gas space heaters with fan and forced-air methods of heating.


  • Can’t be used at higher altitudes over 4,500 ft. above sea level, which can cause the ODS to shut off the heater.
  • Only natural gas can be used as fuel.
  • Can’t use this heater in the bathroom, bedroom, or recreational vehicles.

PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Safety Protection, LED Display, 3 Heat Settings and Five Temperature Settings. Perfect for Home or Office.

-One of the best oil filled space heaters, the best space heaters for garage.

4.5 out of 5, 1605+ reviews

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the best oil filled space heaters

PELONIS Electric Space heaters are one of the best oil filled space heaters that serve as a stylish and efficient indoor heater. Its advanced technology helps in keeping your house warm and cozy. It provides efficient radiant heating which is self-regulatory through its oil-filled technology. Its features are as follows: –

  • Having dimensions of 13.78×11.02×25.19 inches with a weight of 16.09 pounds with styling and sleek body designing and one year of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 4-swivel caster wheels are given for proper 360° rotation for efficient portability.
  • It has user-friendly features like an LCD screen, programmable thermostat, remote control sensing, and a 10-hour timer.
  • Overheat protection and tip-over safety switch has been provided to shut the heater off in unusual accidents.
  • Very much quiet operating system that works peacefully keeping your space cozy and warm.


  • This piece of oil filled space heater is super quiet with no fan to blow hot air out into the room.
  • No dazzling light makes it perfect for keeping in bedrooms.
  • Great choice of radiant heaters for those people who are suffering from air-borne allergies.


  • After sometime of use, the thermostat may have some issues regarding accuracy.

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heaters-Features Oscillation, Remote, and Built-in Timer, Beige

-One of the best ceramic space heaters, 10 Best Space Heaters in the USA

4.6 out of 5, 5576+ reviews

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the best designer ceramic space heaters

This is one of the best space heaters for sale with a stylish body finish to complement your surroundings. This ceramic heater is more like a piece of art than a space heater and has a perfect combination of power and style. The features are: –

  • 3-quiet settings for ideally peaceful heating systems.
  • Dimensions are 8.25×8.25×16.05 inches with a weight of 3 pounds and have a warranty of 3 years.
  • Allows the consumers to adjust thermostat settings accordingly with easy viewing of LED temperature settings from the lowest heating of 60F to 85F to maximum warmth.
  • Contains a built-in timer that enables us to set the time limit from 1 hour to 7 hours with an auto-shutoff feature for safety benefits.
  • Built-in oscillation technique for widespread even heating and almost fully assembled products.


  • 3-years of manufacturer’s warranty guarantees its perfect working efficiency and durability.
  • Cost-effective as it is quite affordable for many consumers.
  • It can provide even distribution of heat along with all corners of the room through its 360° mode of rotation.


  • Always take care while handling it, otherwise, power breakage may cause some nuisances.
  • Sometimes, the cord can get too hot which is not desirable in space heaters.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop 208/240V, 4800/5600W Heater with 6-30R Plug

-One of the best space heaters for garage, best large room space heaters, 10 Best Space Heaters in the USA

4.3 out of 5, 877+ reviews

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the best space heaters for garage
CREDIT: drheaterusa

This is one of the best industrial electric garage heaters perfectly designed to warm large spaces like a construction site, garage, basement, and workshop with its amazing features and qualities. It can be used as one of the best large room space heaters with great brand value and trustable brand image all over the world. The features are: –

  • It’s auto energy-saving features along with a thermostat that can be adjusted from high to low as required by the user.
  • Convenience and safety measures are up to the mark with overheat protection, finger proof intake, and discharge grills for a safer and reliable experience.
  • Can heat up evenly without any hot or cold spots with its advanced dual heating capabilities.
  • The very low noise level makes it a quietly operating machine with a noise level of 45 decibels.
  • The wattage of 5600W and volts of 240V/208 V.


  • UL and C-UL certified for American and Canadian safety standards.
  • Very quiet and noise-free experience for the user.
  • Highly recommended, durable, and easy to use space heaters.
  • Has a warranty that guarantees its amazing functionality for at least a listed period of time.


  • After sometime of use, the fan becomes very much noisy and unbearable.

AmazonBasics Commercial, Propane 46,000 BTU, Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels, Slate Gray

-One of the best outdoor space heaters, the best natural gas space heaters, 10 Best Space Heaters in the USA

4.3 out of 5, 2225+ reviews

Check best space heaters on sale at Amazon

best outdoor patio space heaters on sale

This commercial Patio Heater is one of the best alternatives for those who want to warm outdoor areas with exceptionally powerful gas patio heaters. It has been designed in a way to provide soothing warmth to make every kind of surroundings comfortable even in the harsh cold.

The features are: –

  • It provides a heat output of about 46,000 BTUs to keep everything evenly warm inside and outside.
  • Dimensions are 33×18×89 inches with a weight of 40 pounds.
  • Auto Shutoff tilts valve for safety purposes and to avoid fire outbreaks by cutting off the supply when excessive heat is produced.
  • Piezo one-push ignition system for convenient and user-friendly product experience.
  • Two smooth-rolling wheels come Included with it for better mobility and easily transportable outdoor heater from one place to another.
  • The style of designing and the silver-grey finish adds an innovative and modern look to this space heater.


  • Has been ranked as number one in best outdoor space heaters for best sellers of all time.
  • Provides great warmth through its heating mechanism.
  • Easy to assemble and use with a sense of comfort-ability and satisfaction in consumers’ minds.


  • Special awareness needed when it is used in top maximum settings for heating.
  • Due to its enough heating, the paint cover can melt and may come out.

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver 754200

-One of the best space heaters on Amazon, best outdoor space heaters as well as indoor space heaters.

4.2 out of 5, 1513+ reviews

Check best space heaters on sale at Amazon

best outdoor space heaters as well as indoor space heaters

When it comes to buying the perfect ceramic space heaters for both indoor as well as outdoor, Lasko is one of the top brands that strikes our mind for the best quality and functionality. This model of the best ceramic portable space heater is immensely popular among consumers all over the world. Its features are as follows: –

  • Product dimensions are 6×3.7×9.2 inches with a warranty of 3-years to assure its perfect condition at least.  for the given period of time.
  • Included components of the thermostat, Lasko 754200 space heaters.
  • Having manual controls with 2 heat settings along with a fan-only mode and an adjustable thermostat for further temperature settings.
  • Provides 1500W of power output for the best kind of evenly heating.
  • Includes almost every kind of safety feature to prove its convenience and safety standards.


  • Its compact size makes it perfect to keep on desks or tables.
  • 3-quiet settings for the noise-free experience.
  • 3-years of warranty to assure worry-free consumer satisfaction of the listed period of time.
  • Has carry handle and ETL listed for its safety and quality standards


  • Never let it run all night as it can burn several accessories inside the house through fire outbreaks.
  • Durability of the material used for its production is not of top-notch quality.

 ALROCKET Oscillating Space Heaters, Indoor Personal Heater, Natural Gas Space Heaters with over heat Protection, Tip over Protection, 3-heat settings, quick heat up for Home Office.

-One of the best outdoor space heaters, 10 Best Space Heaters in the USA

4.3 out of 5, 1489+ reviews

Check best space heaters on sale at Amazon

best indoor & outdoor space heater on sale

ALROCKET Heater is a well-known established brand and its specifications are always top of the market. Their models’ qualities and features are fully customizable according to the consumers. This model of best outdoor space heaters has done full justice to its brand value in every way possible. The features that make it perfect are: –

  • Dimensions are 4.9×4.9×8.1 inches with a weight of 4.22 pounds with modern styling and features.
  • The very low noise level that only produces noise up-to 45 decibels for the best peaceful heating experience of the consumers.
  • Has 3-temperature settings that allow the user to manually set the temperature according to their comfort and need.
  • Quick heating within seconds with the wide-angle rotation of 45° with auto-oscillation and has been manufactured for maximum satisfaction of the consumers.


  • Extremely portable due to its low weight and perfect durable nature of its manufactured material.
  • Certified for USA and Canada quality standards.
  • Price is extremely low that can be afforded by almost everyone.
  • Safety features are remarkably good for providing comfort and relief.
  • Easy to clean and can be easily assembled without any kind of confusion.


  • It is perfect for small spaces but not for large spaces.
  • Proper care should be taken while using it to avoid accidents.

Quick Buyer’s Guide: 10 Best Space heaters in the USA

As far now, we have tried to discuss everything that may concern a wise consumer to have a better knowledge about the product with all the features, pros, and cons before purchasing it. Still, there are many other factors that describe the quality of the product in the best way possible for the consumers, these quality determining factors are known as key factors.

Key factors are simply those points that most consumers tend to ignore but it has really good aspects that a consumer can take into consideration before buying anything to have the best product possible in all ways.  Key factors play a determining role in selecting the best model and in making the consumers aware of the true value of their desired products.

 It is very much necessary for almost everyone to know the difference between the true value and market value of certain products to avoid having a foul junk item that can cost you a lot. Without wasting any further time, let’s have a check on some of these important basic key factors: –

Brand Value

There are many brands that manufacture the best outdoor space heaters as well as indoor space heaters. As a consumer, you must know which brand has better value and fine quality when it comes to manufacturing. Branding if does right, affects the quality and in turn popularity because of the satisfaction of consumers.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings of previous consumers help a lot in having a clear picture of the expected outcome that your desired product may bring to you in the future.  Reviews help the new consumers in noticing those little details that the feature part doesn’t cover-up and also points out some designing faults if present.


Price plays a crucial role in determining the best space heaters as well as restricts the extent of our selection according to our economical condition. There are many extravagantly expensive spaces heaters that even doesn’t have much true worth, to avoid spending extra money on something that can be bought at a low price, we must stick to the average cost value.

Safety and Convenience

Whenever you are willing to buy certain space heaters, make sure that it has passed almost every safety measure to have a sign of relief and to avoid an outbreak of fire due to the heating effect of the best space heaters. Also, if you are having kids, try to select those space heaters that are not very exposing and has the highest ratings for safety and convenience purposes.

Shape and Size

While selecting the best version of space heaters, always have a good idea of your surroundings and the size of the space heaters. Considering the shape and size of the product helps a consumer in choosing heaters of suitable size according to their convenience and spaces.

Type of Heating

There are many different types of space heaters that work differently as well as their heating measures are different. As an intelligent consumer, you must know what kind of heater you want and what kinds of heating measures are favorable for you while selecting the best space heaters. Some of the heating measures which are quite popular are radiant, convection, and a combined mix of these two types.

Frequently Asked Questions: 10 Best Space heaters in the USA

Is it safe to run electric space heaters all night?

No, never ever leave your electric space heaters on all night. It is not safe to run electric space heaters all night because space heaters posses several types of risks like CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning, fire outbreaks, dry skin and others. It is always advised to use electric space heaters in spurts and also when you are in your room in full consciousness.

What is the safest type of space heaters?

When it comes to heating type, space heaters which use radiant heating measures are the best in sense of safety. Also, electric heaters are safe to operate inside your house, but still they pose hazards of fire and should be used with proper care to avoid any kind of accident.

Can ceramic heaters cause carbon monoxide?

First of all, we need to understand that only those heaters cause carbon monoxide which uses fuels for combustion to produce heat. Hence it is quite clear that those heaters who use other forms of energy fuel like electricity are free from carbon monoxide emissions.

Which is better ceramic or infrared space heaters?

Both of these types of heaters have their own specifications in which they are best. As we can see that, when it comes to heating, infrared heaters are generally hotter to touch and much better than ceramic in many aspects including health. Also, ceramic heaters are better when it comes to heat larger places while infrared heaters do their best job in small localized areas.

Can infrared heaters cause fires?

Of course not, infrared heaters can’t cause fires because these types of heaters don’t use fossil fuels like propane or any kind of flammable oils neither do these emit pollutants like carbon monoxide. Hence, we can conclude that infrared heaters are the best in terms of safety and health benefits.

Final Words

Finally, we have discussed almost everything related to the best space heaters along with every small detail in our article “10 Best Space Heaters in the USA” to help you in having a better comparison among various kinds of space heaters available in the market without getting confused. We hope that after going through this article, you’ll be much aware of different brands and their market values and of course about the quality of their manufactured space heaters.

If you are having any kind of confusions or doubts regarding the best space heaters, never ever forget to check out the previous consumers’ reviews and ratings to have a better understanding of the expected experience that the product may deliver.

Even if you facing any difficulties in installing the best space heaters for garage or wall mount space heaters, you can have a look at various online tutorials provided on different websites. One of such YouTube tutorial’s video link has been given here for your convenience.

In case if you want to share your thoughts and experience with us, we will be very happy to hear from you in the comments section below. Till then…

Happy Shopping, Stay Informed…

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