10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA (2022)

We all have an unveil curiosity to explore the beauty of mountains and adventures of hilly places by riding a bicycle through the immensely beautiful scenery. Not only for sight-seeing of nature but also to taste the excitement of adventures of riding mountain bikes up and down the hills are also in the to-do list of many people . For experiencing best riding among the hilly terrains, one must need the best mountain bikes and for that purpose of selecting the right version for you, we are going to sort out the top “10 best mountain bikes in the USA”.

Mountain biking or abbreviated as MTB is a tough sport that includes riding off-road, rough-hilly terrains using professionally designed mountain bikes. There are many similarities between mountain bikes and other styles of bikes but there are still some distinctive features of mountain bikes that set them apart, these features are designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrains.


Mountain bikes are great adventure tools that allows the user to know the feeling of being free or to be in air like a bird for few seconds during jumping over the cliffs. Mountain bikes are also very much important for those who are extremely concern regarding their cardiovascular endurance and muscle strengths. Mountain biking opens up a whole different world of thrill, excitement and challenges for its riders.  There are different types of mountain bikes available in the market like Rocky mountain bikes, mountain bikes for downhill, best Rocky mountain cycle etc.

 Nowadays, mountain biking is used as an extreme sport and top-rated mountain bikes are being chosen for high altitude mountain trails, single track, racing down the hill and others. For doing such kind of high impactful performances, one’s mountain bike must be of high quality and great functionality otherwise it may prove to be fatal.

Mountain bikes has been sub-divided into different varieties according to the consumers’ body type and bike’s frame design like best mountain bikes for men, women and kids has been categorized according to their comfort zone and amazing features. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional mountain biker or just a newbie, getting confused while choosing the best rocky mountain bikes is quite obvious. But in this article, we will make sure to clear all your doubts regarding the best mountain bikes.

Without wasting a second, let’s start our countdown of top 10 best mountain bikes in the USA for helping you to choose a better option without any kind of confusions: –

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike, 17-Inch/Medium High-Tensile Steel Frame, 7-Speed, 26-inch Wheels.

One of the best mountain bikes for men, 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

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One of the best mountain bikes for men
Credit: Mongoose

Mongoose is a well-known established brand in manufacturing the best mountain bikes for all age groups and for every frame design type. This model of Mongoose Dolomite has specially made for men by considering all the important and desired points regarding the best mountain bikes for men. It has some of the best excellent features and qualities.

Let’s have a look at its features: –

  • Perfectly suitable for consumers having a height of 5’6” to 6’1” tall as the fat tire design of this model is more compatible with this height range.
  • Shift gears are there for climbing hilly areas easily and comfortably without taking extra efforts.
  • This model of the best mountain bikes comes with 7-speeds and twist shifters for easy and fast turning experience.
  • Provides a comfortable ride in dirt, mud, snow, and even in city roads through its supersized all-terrain knobby tires.
  • Dimensions are 61×30.1×10.25 inches with a weight of 59 pounds with rigid suspension types of designing.


  • Has been ranked as number 1 in mountain bikes for best sellers of all time.
  • Easily assembling process and is quite user friendly even for beginners.
  • Price of this model is affordable and not really high.


  • Chain guard is made up of cheap plastic materials that can break easily if not handled properly.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain, 26-inch, 21- Speed, Charcoal, 26 Inch Wheels/17-inch Frame, Model Number: 76818.

One of the best Mountain Bikes, one of the best mountain bikes for downhill.

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10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA
Credit: Huffy

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike Series are one of the best mountain bikes range that anyone can get for mountain biking. It has specialized system of features and manufacturing experience of more than 100 years that shows the high rated value of this product’s brand. The features are: –

  • This model of huffy has been made by considering today’s colors of teen to add more vibrant, energetic, and great deals to one’s all-time favorite mountain bikes.
  • The frame is made up of charcoal gloss hardtail and 21 speeds to conquer the trails of uphill as well as downhills easily and comfortably.
  • Compatible for consumers having 13 or 13+ of ages and a minimum height of 5 feet.
  • Keaton grips for easy and smooth touching experience with wheels made up of alloys in matte black and with a kickstand.
  • The dimensions of this model of the best mountain bikes are 55.15×9.05×27.16 inches with a weight of 42.7 pounds.


  • Ranked in top five mountain bikes on Amazon for best sellers of all time.
  • This model has a feminine touch that makes it even more perfect for women riders.
  • Price is quite low as compared to other brand products of the same quality types.


  • The bike’s chain is quite loose that may come off after every long ride which is very annoying and dangerous too.
  • The seat is uncomfortable as it does have any kind of padded seat.

Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike, Aluminum and Steel Frame Options, 7-21 Speeds Options, 24-29-inch wheels, Multiple Colors.

One of the best mountain bikes for downhill.

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best mountain bikes for downhill ride
Credit: Schwinn

Schwinn High Timber mountain bike ranges don’t need any introduction as it is already so much famous in different parts of the world for its innovative functionality and ease of usability makes it one of the best choices for mountain bikers who loves speed and durability of mountain bikes. Here are its features: –

  • Capable of providing durable and responsive riding experience on a variety of terrains ranging from small to highs.
  • It has 7-speed settings with twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur for allowing precisely smooth gear changes on the trails or on any kind of surfaces.
  • Comes with front and rear alloy made linear-pull brakes that are capable of stopping even in extreme situations of emergency.
  • Steady gearing and less maintenance are some of the best qualities of Schwinn’s mountain bikes.
  • Tires are suitable for all types of terrains with wheels of alloy rims for lightweight strength during rides.
  • Dimensions are 8.66×42.91×21.65 inches with a weight of 30 pounds.


  • One of the best mountain bikes for achieving the rank of number 3 in top mountain bikes for best sellers.
  • Light weight material and especially designed for women.
  • Easy to assemble and provide great comfort while riding.


  • Not suitable for consumers having height more than 6.2 feet.
  • The price of this model is comparatively higher for many consumers.

Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike, Black/blue

One of the best mountain bikes, 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

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10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

Roadmaster is one of the perfectly suited bikes for high hills and as a replacement for the best rocky mountain bikes as well. This model of Roadmaster, nevertheless have one of the most unique features with an elite style for the best experience of mountain riding.

Its amazing features are: –

  • Dimensions are 51×26×9 inches along with a weight of 18.51 kilograms and best suited for men of even height 6.2 ft.
  • This model is quite easy to assemble and ready to get start the adventures of hilly terrains and the Rocky Mountains.
  • Having one of the most reliable and trustworthy brand values makes it even more desirable by bike riders all around the world who want it for its perfect and designing.
  • It’s an 18-speed gear bike whose gears can be easily switched and has a really strong and durable body frame designing to withstand the hurdles of mountain bike riding.
  • Contains two reflectors at the front and at back each for better riding experience.


  • Comes with a user manual and quite easy to assemble.
  • Can be the best alternative for both teenagers and adults.
  • The frame body design allows the user to add some custom features as electric motors etc. without altering much of its body designing.
  • Sturdiness and durability are one of the most important part of this bike model.


  • Tires are not rough enough to provide that much frictional grip.
  • Pedals are made up of plastic which may need to be changed.

Kent KZ2600 Dual -Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-inch.

One of the best suspension mountain bikes for men, best mountain bike under $250

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best suspension bikes for men
Credit: KentBike

This model of Kent KZ2600 mountain bike has extremely great features of having full-suspension, and a strong frame to utilize these unique qualities. Kent has already been one of the most desirable manufacturers of mountain bikes and this model of bike is not less than any rocky mountain bikes for several reasons which will be covered in its features below.

Features: –

  • It has a 26-inch full suspension aluminum mountain bike frame body that supports and increases its versatility of holding up at extremely dangerous conditions with a suspension fork of 65 mm.
  • This model of the best mountain bikes has 21 Shimano speed shifters with rear tourney derailleur for allowing the user to customize the ride accordingly.
  • Dimensions are 53×27.3×8 inches with a weight of 18.14 kilograms with a specialized system of alloy wheel rims for better speed and impact.
  • Provided with front disc brake/rear linear-pull break to let the consumers stop immediately in case of emergency or any other kind of hazards.
  • Has a lifetime warranty on its strong and durable frame body and 90 days warranty on its parts.


  • For the given price, this model of bike is quite satisfactory.
  • Bike’s weight is quite low which makes it perfect for every new user or kids.
  • Eye-catching impressive and genuinely strong designing.


  • The assembling process is a little bit tricky because the manual doesn’t have detailed information which may be a headache for newbies.
  • The price tag of this model may concern some consumers.

Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike, 18-inch Frame, 29-inch Wheels with Disc Brakes.

One of the best mountain bikes for men, 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

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10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA
Credit: Mongoose

Mongoose needs no introduction when it comes to the best kinds of bikes that a consumer can get. Their bikes are of high quality and functionality is up to the mark of perfection. The same thing goes for this model of the best mountain bike from Mongoose.

Its features are as follows: –

  • The dimensions of this one of the best mountain bikes are 57×9×31 inches with a weight of 44 pounds perfectly suitable for adults as well as teens.
  • The wheels are of top-quality alloy material with a quick-release front to provide the user maximum control of this mountain bike.
  • Disc brakes are given from both front and rear to allow the user for maximum flexibility and mobility while riding through hurdles.
  • It has 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters that can change gears really swiftly and easily.
  • This model has a strong aluminum suspension frame body to increase the impact, comfort, and performance of the rider.


  • Quite easy to assemble and use without any need of manual.
  • One of the best mountain bikes for beginner trail riders who doesn’t have much idea about the areas and slopes.
  • It can be used by riders having height between 5’8” to 6’3” which is really nice.
  • Price is moderately fine.


  • The seat of this model is very hard and is comparatively uncomfortable on a long ride
  • Brake calipers are not that much of great quality.

Mountain Bike G7 21 Speed 27.5 Inches Wheel Dual Suspension Folding Bike Dual Disc Brake MTB Bicycle.

One of the best mountain bikes, 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

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best fold-able mountain bike

This model of mountain bikes is best suited for hilly terrains and frequent high-low level of grounds and has features that works not less than any rocky mountain bikes. This model has almost everything for the perfect and adventures ride through the mountains as well as through the low lands of cities. Its amazing features are: –

  • This bicycle is well suitable for users having a height between 5’7” to 6’2” and is already 85% assembled which only needs to install the front wheel, pedals, seat, handlebars, and air up the tires and your bike would be ready to ride.
  • Dual suspension mountain bike with a 21-speed shifting system and dual disc brake for easy portability and agility to move freely according to the user.
  • This piece of a mountain bike can be folded which provides a good alternative for those who are having a shortage of space in their house.
  • The dimensions are 53×29.5×8 inches with a weight of 41.8 pounds and the whole framework of this body has been done by high-quality steel.
  • This model of the best mountain bike can withstand a maximum weight of 330 lbs.


  • Sturdiness of this bike is really high and durable.
  • Requires less space for storing as it can be folded and place anywhere suitable.
  • Having quite high ratings and good reviews from previous consumers who are highly recommending it.


  • Pedals are not of such great quality.
  • The price is comparatively high.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike, 26” Wheels.

One of the best mountain bikes for men, one of the best mountain bikes for downhill as well as for trails

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10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA
Credit: SchwinnBikes

Schwinn is one of the most trustworthy and oldest brands in USA known for manufacturing high quality bikes. This model of Schwinn Protocol is not less than any rocky mountain bikes in terms of its functionality and qualities. Its amazing features paved its way to our list of the best mountain bikes. Features are: –

  • Aluminum dual suspension frame which makes it a lightweight bicycle and extremely efficient in absorbing the bumps and ruts through the trail.
  • Three-piece crank and double-walled alloy rims are provided in this bike which is lightweight as well as strong to conquer every extreme situation.
  • In this model of Schwinn Protocol, 24 speed with Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and a Shimano Altus rear derailleur are provided for better speed precision and control.
  • This mountain bike has a weight of 43 pounds which is quite fine even for adults of height almost 6’2.


  • Full suspension is a nice choice for bumpy roads.
  • Easy to assemble and can be the best choice for beginners.
  • Lifetime warranty on this model for its strong and durable frame body.
  • Linear pull brakes enable the rider to stop the bike accordingly without much skidding.


  • The seat of the bike is stiff and somehow uncomfortable due to its hardness.
  • Chairing is not removable, if someone wishes, they need to change the hub.

eAhora AM100 27.5 Inch 48V Mountain Electric Bike Hydraulic Brakes Full Air Suspension, Cruise Control 350W Electric Bikes for Adults with Removable Battery, E-TECH Recharge System, 9- Speed Gear.

One of the best mountain bikes for men, 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

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best electric bikes for men
Credit: eAhoraEbike

This model of mountain electric bike is an excellent professional mountain bike equipped with a powerful motor and has really impressive qualities and features desired by almost every type of mountain rider. The features that make it one of the best are: –

  • This model of mountain bike is an electric hybrid bicycle with artificial mechanics aluminum alloy frame which gives it a rough and tough hybrid frame body.
  • Wheels are 27.5” and the bike can withstand a maximum weight of 330 lbs. which is quite good even for taller persons having heavyweights.
  • Provided with a 350-watt brushless motor with hydraulic brakes to give the user one of the best ever experience of mountain biking.
  • Having flywheel of Shimano 9-speed with derailleur guard with waterproof intelligent LED display and has 48V/ 10.4 AH Samsung lithium battery cell with a USB port that takes almost five to six hours to get fully charged.
  • Embedded with 5W bright front headlight and reflector as its tail light.
  • Can attain a maximum speed of 28-30 miles per hour in PAS mode, 26-28 miles per hour in electric mode with an average mileage of 45-55 mi (Electric mode)/60-80 mi(PAS mode).


  • One of the best hybrid bikes that can be used through both by pedaling as well as by electricity.
  • Handmade leather handle and thumb throttle for efficiently controlling this bike.
  • Safer riding due to comfortable and softer saddle as compared to other bike models.
  • Almost maintenance free and has amazing braking and cooling performance with fast and stable braking to ensure safer and reliable riding.


  • Price of this mountain bike may concern some consumers who are having tight pockets.

Max4out Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26-inch Shinning SYS Double Disc Brake Suspension Fork Suspension Anti-Slip Bikes (Red, Orange)

One of the best mountain bikes for downhill, 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

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10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA
Credit: Amazon

Max4out is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of mountain bikes. This model of the best mountain bikes range has really innovative features and loved by millions of consumers all around the world.  Let’s have a look at its finest features: –

  • This model has a really good quality of solid frame for mountain bikes with excellent welding technology that makes it even more durable and a very stable cruising bike.
  • For incredible speed, 26 inches 3-spoke fashion rims with 700X28c tires have been used while dealing with hilly areas as the best rocky mountain bikes do.
  • Innovative design and features make it perfect for mountain, wasteland, roads, trail, beach, and can be even used in snow.
  • Other accessories related to this bike has been added in the package of this mountain bike with front and rear double disc brakes for safety and quick controllability for the users.


  • This model is very much easier to assemble with all the essentials.
  • It has seven-speed transmissions for the perfect speed controlling system.
  • The bike has a really nice texture and suitable for consumers having a height of 5’8” to 6’3”.


  • The stem connected to the front suspension is not that much tight.
  • Quality of the plastic bottle holder is quite bad which may need to be replaced.

Quick Buyer’s Guide: 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

As for now, we have discussed almost everything that may concern a wise consumer in deciding which mountain bike would be the most suitable and best for them by considering their features in detail, their merits, and demerits.

But still, there are many other factors which also affects the true market value and consumers’ satisfaction up-to a certain level, these factors are generally termed as the basic key factors. These basic key factors play a crucial role in letting the consumer know about the other circumstances and experiences that they may have to deal with regarding particular products.

Without wasting any further time, let’s have a check on some of the basic key factors that describes the best mountain bikes: –


Price is something that no one can ignore when it comes to buying certain things. The price range should be decided way before choosing the right type of mountain bike for yourself to have a clear cut of any expenses and in having a pre-determined cost range for not burning a hole in your pocket.

Reviews and Ratings

If you are really interested in  a particular mountain bike, you must have a close check on the previous consumers’ reviews and ratings for having proper knowledge of the experience that it may offer to you, also reviews of mountain bikes by their owners makes you aware about various aspects of faults that may not have advertised in the product’s description.

Wheel Size and Gears

While selecting the best mountain bikes for yourself, you must prioritize the features of wheel size and gears according to your own height and age. This will increase the chances of getting a compatible bike which would suit you in almost every kind of riding.

Correct Type

There are actually many types of mountain bike models available in the market. Each type has certain particular benefits and mostly designed for specific types of riding.  The consumers must be aware of what kind of bike they really want to discover the adventures of mountain biking.

Basic features

Almost everyone does have their own list of best features which they prefer as the best. In that case you must have very specific in choosing the right mountain bikes with your desired features to have a better consumer satisfaction.

Brand Value

It has been seen that high branded products generally have great quality and far better functionality than other models. It is also true that in some cases people get best deals from small manufactures but if you don’t want to gamble with the quality, the best option is to stick with the top branded products.

Frequently Asked Questions: 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA

How difficult is mountain biking?

Frankly speaking, it is little difficult, especially for those who even find biking on roads not easy. Riding along the edges of the mountains is certainly more difficult because you have to trail over sharp and steep climbs with quick turns and challenges like hurdles or obstacles which may block your path sometimes.

How do I pick the right mountain bike?

Picking up the right mountain bike is quite tricky if you are not aware of its specialty and different features as well as about the quality of top brands.
For choosing the right mountain bike, you must have the knowledge of different types of mountain bikes available in the market and a close understanding of its ratings and reviews to better govern the best mountain bike for yourself.

Are more expensive bikes worth it?

Well, if you are a beginner or just a commoner who uses bikes for a little exercise or very rarely, then a low-cost bike is also a good choice for you. But you are a trained professional mountain biker or just wants to take it to the extreme levels, you must have the best top-rated bike with all the customized features which may cost you higher than the others.

Should I buy a mountain bike or hybrid bike?

This choice totally depends on you. Whether you want a mountain bike or hybrid bike, you must know how both of these bikes can be used and what benefits you can get from a hybrid and from the mountain bike. There are many cases where hybrid bikes prove to be better than mountain bikes for their versatile nature but still, there are many things in which mountain bikes excel and prove their worth.

Does mountain biking burn belly fat?

Actually yes. While cycling or mountain biking, most of the work of pedaling is carried out by the legs and balance through arms but it really does contribute to fat burning. It’s an aerobic type of exercise and it helps to burn down the accumulated fat in our body. Belly fat is not triggered directly in mountain biking because in this case, the focus remains on leg muscles and arm muscles but slowly it does contribute it to the accumulated belly fat.

How much should I spent on a mountain bike?

If you are a professional athlete of mountain biking or an extreme stuntman of mountain biking, you must spend well on your best mountain bike ever but if you are a commoner, you should stick to the average cost of 300$ to 1100$, otherwise, it may be just an unwanted expenditure which you can’t use. This choice of spending should also depend on your budget to have a greater value for your money.

Final Words

Finally, we have discussed almost everything related to the best mountain bikes for giving consumers a better idea of what they are willing to buy and making them aware about different types of mountain bikes available in the market from different brands along with their specifications.

We hope that this article “ 10 Best Mountain Bikes in the USA “, will definitely help you out in getting the best of your choice without being confused about the brand value and qualities. Even if you are having any confusion regarding the best mountain bikes, you can always have a look at its previous consumers’ ratings and reviews for having a better and clear understanding of your desired product.

If you facing any kind of doubts regarding the assembling of you bike, you can check it out in various online tutorials provided on different websites. One of such YouTube tutorial’s video link has been given below for your convenience.

In case if you want to share your thoughts and experience with us, we will be happy to hear from you in the comments section below. Till then…

Happy Shopping, Happy Riding….

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